Gia công phần mềm (Sotware Outsourcing)

Gia công phần mềm là một trong những định hướng phát triển cho các đối tác nước ngoài về lĩnh vực CNTT-TT và các phần mềm nhúng, hệ thống nhúng.


MinhViet JSC is a joint stock company of multi-sector business, specializing mainly in developing  Application software.  MV JSC was found in July 2000, MV JSC works closely with Companies in the Vietnam and Oversea and hand in hand with many business partners in the Oversea and Vietnam Market.
Minh Viet Joint Stock Company - MV JSC is an international software development and IT services team. Its core competence in programming, projects handling and change management allows the delivery of the products within budget, on time and to whatever places around the globe. Minh Viet Joint Stock Company - MV JSC  is a global leader in network security applications software in Viet Nam.
Our customers’ loyalty and trust, our devoted staff under modern management, all have made MV JS a reliable consult corporation and the right choice of organizations and agencies at home and aboard
With Our modern processes of software development make our software product and order made software the outstanding characteristics in quality, convenience at reasonable price. They are widely applied in various fields, affirming its reputation to customers at home and aboard.


Professional services and software development are the core business of MINH VIET JOINT STOCK COMPANY - MV JSC. We work with International and National IT companies to successfully develop customized software and customer applications.
• Custom desktop, client-server, distributed, networking, database, and special purpose applications
• Web-based applications, sites, portals and content management systems
• MVC JSC is an integrated Business Solution Provider. We offer our Customers with business solutions base on Information technology, of which there are application tools that any organization  need to have:
- Enterprise Resource Management
- Customer Resource Management.
- Collaboration
- Application Software.


• Team of highly qualified and well-trained programmers
• Extensive experience and knowledge in software development
• Structured and controlled software process
• Competitive prices and ideal resource management
• Valuable know-how supported by partner companies and major software company consultants
• Develop products special in E-commerce and E-Government fields


• Programming languages: C, C++, C#, Java, VB, VB.NET, JavaScript, VBScript, ColdFusion, ASP, PHP…
• Databases: MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Informix
• Web Tools: IBM Web Sphere, BEA WebLogic, JRun, ColdFusion Server, MS IIS
• Development Tools: MS Tools, Rational Tools, WiseInstaller, InstallShield
• Technologies: J2EE, COM, DCOM, Web Service, SOAP,.NET
• Standard and methodology: UML, FuseBox
• Software process: simplified RUP


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Journal of Public Economic Theory
PET 08 - Conference Organisation Interface
PET 09 - Conference Organisation Interface
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Software Outsourcing


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